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Refine Your Digital & Tech Strategies To Secure A Competitive Advantage ● Drive Digital Growth With Change-Ready Workforces ● Design Customer-First Offerings Which Boost Experience, Engagement & Retention

Digital Innovation. Digital Transformation. Digital Success.

18 Digital Business Leaders Speak On One Day. Written By Digital Professionals For Digital Professionals. 29th February 2024, Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Opening Remarks

09.20 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Dorothy Bean, Regional Chief Nursing Information Officer SW NHSE & Student in Advanced Diploma in IT-Systems Analysis & Design, NHS


Panel Q&A

09.30 Determine The Real Impact Of AI & Lucrative Opportunities For Your Business! True Value & Tangible Applications Of AI Which Enhance Customer & Colleague Experiences & Drive Successful Digital Transformation

  • Examine real-life AI application to maximise investment and transform your digital landscape
  • Establish and debate how AI can transform an organisation’s products, communications, and workforce to continue to fuel next-level customer and colleague digital journeys
  • How can you quantify and measure the value of your AI feats to win employee buy-in and convert digital sceptics?
  • Strike the crucial balance between embedded AI applications and the human touch to really create value-add and increase customer uptake

Rahul Gupta, Lead Solution Architect, Lloyds Banking Group

Nicholas Hodder, Assistant Director of Digital Transformation, Imperial War Museums

Dr Charlotte Harden, Deputy Director & Chief Operating Officer, NIHR Leeds In Vitro Diagnostic Co-operative


10.00 From Quantum Computing To RPA, Deliver AI Excellence Which Drives Transformation, Enhances Customer Service & Boosts Your Teams’ Digital Successes

  • Tracking customer behaviour, predicting purchasing patterns, and decreasing query response time… examine how AI is driving product preference, enhancing customer service, and ultimately creating organisational digital transformation success
  • Determine the true value of AI in streamlining internal operations, automating labour-intensive tasks, and altering colleague interactions for decisive return on time and investment
  • The power of large language models: debunk myths and understand the practical applications for deeper consumer understanding and improved customer service
  • What ethical, regulatory, and financial hurdles need to be examined for a successful integration and implementation of AI?

Mastering Generative AI – The AAA Strategy for Supercharging your Adoption

10.20 Yemi Olagbaiye, Client Director, Softwire

  •  Softwire introduction and overview on how the landscape is evolving via Gartner research
  • Concept of AAA (Augmenting, Accelerating and Automating) as a framework for identifying use cases for GenAI
  • Examples and case study for each ‘A’

10.50 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Transformation In 2024

& Beyond!

11.20 Digital Innovation & Managing Change: Implement & Embed Change Management Practices That Engage Employees, Minimise Disruption & Ultimately Drive Growth-Focused Digital Innovation

  • Define and embed digital innovation strategies that complement both business goals and employee needs to successfully drive digital change and boost employee engagement
  • Clearcut frameworks, training programs and communication plans – implement digital change management strategies which provide support and reassurance to secure that all-important employee buy-in
  • How can you ensure your employee culture has a forward-looking mindset that embraces digital change and transformation, supports and equips colleagues effectively, and delivers digital innovation at scale?
  • Change resistance is inevitable! How can resistance be acknowledged and tackled to reduce employee disruption, elevate a growth mindset at work, and drive positive digital transformation moving forward?


Double Perspective

11.40   Establish & Drive Forward Strategies That Power Impactful, Practical & Profit-Boosting Digital Transformation & Innovation

  • Operational transformation, seamless customer experience, or maximised employee engagement? Establish the intention of your digital strategies for guaranteed buy-in and next-level digital success
  • How can concepts such a cloud convergence and intelligent automation be translated into tangible, actionable, and profit-boosting digital transformation?
  • Cultivate digital strategies which overcome doubts and preconceptions around digital innovation to secure stakeholder buy-in and company-wide backing

11.40  Jason Wallace, Digital Strategy Manager, London Stock Exchange Group

12.00  Linda Watts, Associate Director of Digital Transformation & General Manager Outpatients & Patient Access, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust  


Panel Q&A

12.20 Deliver Seamless, Personalised & Insight-Focused Customer Journeys That Leverage Digital Transformation & Fuel Your Business Growth & Digital Success

  • How can you leverage the power of digital transformation to drive customer-centricity and create hyper-personalised experiences for consumers?
  • No customer should be left behind: how are you guaranteeing your digital transformation journey is inclusive to all types of customers – whether they are tech savvy or not?
  • Cultivate the perfect digital strategies! Deep dive into customer minds, examine behaviours, and create holistic customer journeys for evidence-based digital solution decisions
  • Reduce customer churn and create seamless, hassle-free customer journeys with break-through strategies that navigate changing data security requirements

Sarath Sreekumar, Strategy Manager, Ford Motor Company

Suzanne Lord, Project Director, BBC

Anna Roughley, Head of Insight & Engagement, The Lending Standards Board

Saleta Valdés Márquez, Head of Innovation & Customer Experience, Savoy Signature

Dr Ifeanyichukwu Franklin Nworie, Data Science & Analytics Manager Programme Lead, BT Group

From A Single Grain Of Rice To Today's Exponential AI Capabilities

Panel Q&A

Maxime Vermeir, Sr Director, AI Strategy, ABBYY

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.40 Informal Breakout Discussions

a) Digital Inclusion

Iyioluwa Adesan, Digital Apprentice, NatWest Group

b) Empowering Product Teams

Gemma Bernal Sinfield, Commercial Digital Transformation Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

c) Sustainability & Digital Innovations

14.10    Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

Davie Chen, Digital Platforms & Data Strategy Head, Established Pharma, General Medicines, GSK


Double Perspective

14.20 The Power Of Data! Brand New & Critical Insights From Compliant Data Collection To Fuel Tailored Customer Experiences & Power Next-Level Digital Transformation & Innovation

  • Brand new insights and tips and tricks for retrieving impactful and demonstrable value from the wealth of data captured to drive next-level customer experiences, journeys, and engagement
  • Uncover new strategies to leverage data and analytics which drive successful digital transformation whilst remaining vigilant and compliant amidst new and evolving regulations
  • Decipher and master new metrics and tools to access relevant live data to unlock informed, tailored, and strategic decision-making on your digital transformation journeys

14.20    Labdhi Shah, Senior Manager – Internal Controls, Risk Analytics & Digital Transformation, Mondelēz International

14.40    Dr Ifeanyichukwu Franklin Nworie, Data Science & Analytics Manager Programme Lead, BT Group


15.00 Harness Next-Level & Innovative Software & High-Impact Tech Solutions To Transform Ways Of Working, Monetise Emerging Tech Opportunities & Achieve Digital Transformation Success

  • From blockchain technologies to the metaverse, which tech solutions offer the greatest potential for tech growth in your organisation and will support your wider digital transformation journey?
  • How are new and innovative tools and platforms supporting new ways of working for better flexibility, efficiencies, reduced employee turnover, and digital success across the workforce?
  • Implementing low-code development platforms: simplify app development so no matter the technical expertise employees can be productive, collaborative, and tech-focused for bottom-line results

Nicholas Hodder, Assistant Director of Digital Transformation, Imperial War Museums

15.20    Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.50    Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.20 Cultivate A Digital Culture That Drives Impactful Change, Eases Employee Hesitancies Around Tech & Transformation & Achieves Long-Term & Successful Digital Transformation

  • LinkedIn learning, digital training, and transparent leadership – how can you grow a digital culture and ecosystem that adapts to change and drives digital innovation at scale?
  • How can you effectively measure and add value to digital cultural change programmes for proven ROI and continued stakeholder buy-in?
  • Foster a growth mindset, boost creative communication and collaboration, and close the gap on tech adoption rates by tackling fears and concerns around new technologies
  • How can you support and engage employees in the shared goal, mission, and value of successful and impactful digital capabilities?

Swagat Choudhury, Global Head Of Digital Products – Media & Content Transformation, Diageo


Demonstrate  Success

16.40 Capture Critical Metrics & Measurement Tools To Demonstrate Digital Success, Boost Stakeholder Buy-In & Ascertain ROI In Digital Transformation

  • Deep dive into the metrics of digital transformation: explore new, practical and implementable measurement techniques which determine the success of your digital transformation efforts in order to communicate organisational visions and guarantee buy-in for future projects
  • Effectively measure customer demographics and behaviours against technological advancements to identify pitfalls in current digital strategies and locate long-term investments to drive positive digital innovation
  • From employee satisfaction ranks to customer engagement rates, what metrics and benchmarks should be used to track and measure the performance of digital strategies for boosted ROI?

Ifeanyi Ojoh, Senior Global Category Manager – Technology, First Bank of Nigeria

17.00    Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Davie Chen, Digital Platforms & Data Strategy Head, Established Pharma, General Medicines, GSK

17.10    Official Close Of Conference

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